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Decorative picture of microorganisms, shown under microscope.

Bind-X is a start-up company, founded under the name Dust BioSolutions, that has a focus on industrial applications of biotechnology. Our vision is to improve sustainability and profitability of industries by optimizing, customizing and industrializing biotechnological processes.

Bind-X is situated in the heart of one of the world’s largest biotech clusters with offices and laboratories in the Innovation Center IZB in Martinsried near Munich, Germany. Here we benefit from a creative and entrepreneurial environment and close proximity to excellent academic and private research.

Bind-X team is international and multidisciplinary. We enjoy entering new fields of science, thinking out-of-the-box, expanding the application range of biotechnology and being guided by our clients’ needs and goals.

Bind-X – Turn solid. Into impact.

Our Technology

Bind-X has developed proprietary technologies based upon microbiologically induced calcite precipitation.

It is a bio-geochemical process that induces calcium carbonate precipitation within the soil matrix. Biomineralization in the form of calcium carbonate precipitation has naturally evolved and can be traced back millions of years.

Soil microorganisms that are natural components of ecological systems are the key driver in carbonate precipitation. The microorganisms precipitate calcium carbonate, serve as nucleation site and achieve a tridimensional solidification of particles.

We have developed a process that is robust to changing environmental conditions, such as varying temperatures and pH levels, and that can be applied on different soil types.

The picture shows in a mathematical way: Dust + soil microorganisms as a fluid = stone

Our Product Applications

Decorative picture showing yellow dust particles. Our goal is to control dust in an environmentally friendly manner.

Future of Weed Management

The second focus of Bind-X is on shaping the future of the global agriculture industry, which is currently facing enormous challenges: by 2050, it is expected to feed nearly ten billion people. An additional problem is that energy, water and soils are becoming increasingly scarce. 

Weed management plays a key role herein. For the past four decades, weeds within agriculture have been mainly controlled through chemical herbicides, but their widespread use has put great pressure on the environment, raised the number of herbicide-resistant species and partly even threatened human health.

Bind-X offers a radically different approach to prevent weed growth. Instead of the use of an active substance to kill weeds, Bind-X’s weed management products impede growth of unwanted plants by inducing a physical, semi-permeable layer within the soil.

The effectiveness of this novel approach has been tested worldwide in more than 100 large-scale field tests on multiple target crops (pre- and post emergence). The production capacities have been fully scaled and broad market entry efforts extend on home gardening, specialty crops and row crops. 

Customized Dust Control

A first product offers the global raw materials industry a customized solution to control dust more cost-efficiently and environmentally friendly than existing alternatives.

Dust is not only a health and environmental problem but also implies a negative impact on the productivity of companies. Together with our clients we firstly classify existing soils and environmental conditions at the biggest sources of dust, for instance on dump and tailing areas in the mining industry.

Our operational team then customizes a liquid solution, which will be mixed on-site and sprayed over concerned areas by using standard equipment. Relevant surfaces will be solidified, sand particles will be bound together and the result is a sustainable, long lasting suppression of dust.

The picture shows comparison of treated (left hand side) and not treater (right hand side) samples. The Bind-X treatmend does not allow weed to grow, while in the not treated sample the weed is clearly visible.
Picture shows comparison of two plants, on the left hand side treated with Bind-X product, no weed visible. On the right hand side is not treater, there ar more weed visible.

Bind-X is currently working on several other applications of its technology platform Bind-Tech® and will continuously expand its product pipeline. Stay tuned!

Your Opportunity

Bind-X offers collaborations in research and development, strategic partnerships and exclusive licensing agreements within each step of the value chain.

Our partners are research institutions, technology companies, service providers and large corporations with global footprints.

Contact us to discuss collaborations in further detail!


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Your Career Path

Enthusiasm, creativity, curiosity, dedication and willingness to continuously learn are only a few attributes that describe the qualities of our team.

If you can identify yourself in the above and have a desire to be part of our team, we encourage you to join our candidate database.

Please check our current job openings or send us your unsolicited application by clicking the button below …

Picture shows Munich olympic centre, since Bind-X Headquarter is based in Munich, Germany.


Am Klopferspitz 19, 82152 Planegg, Germany (link to maps)
21 Oshbro Avenue, Samrand, Centurion 0187, South Africa (link to maps)

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